17MM Left Cell Phone Ball Mount

17MM Left Cell Phone Ball Mount

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The RIVIPARTS Left Side Phone Mount is a new way to mount a phone holder in your Rivian R1S and R1T. It's designed to mount at the very top of the driver side air vent - just outside of the where it would be obscured by the steering wheel. 

The phone mount includes the following pieces:

  • A 17MM Phone Ball Mount that installs on top of the dashboard
  • A mounting plate that installs in front of the air vent
  • An M5 x 35 flat head bolt
  • An M5 nut that installs inside of the plate

Installation takes under 60 seconds and only requires a Phillips-head screwdriver. The installation process is:

  1. Insert the M5 nut into the mounting plate
  2. Angle the mounting plate at a 45 degree angle and slide it in (bolt to the right)
  3. behind the left and right vent shroud and over the separator bar. Refer to the video for details.
  4. Holding the mounting plate in position, press gently on the bolt side of the plate to expose the notch on the left.
  5. While still holding the mounting plate, install the ball mount. Insert the L tab between the rear of the dash pad and the bottom of the A pillar trim as far as possible. Press the ball mount into the notch on the left of the mounting plate.
  6. Bolt the ball mount to the plate until it is snug. Be sure to not overtighten.

Please note that this mount alone will not hold a phone in your Rivian - it is designed to be an attachment for a 3rd party phone holder. Phone mounts pictured are not included. We suggest the following mounts:

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jody Whitehurst
Seems to be best option

Like left mount as right did is already spoken for and would be blocked by steering wheel. Nearly makes up for lack of APPLE CARPLAY to have Siri and Screen so accessible. Mount bracket fitment is not perfect, but is good enough and is covered by phone most of the time. I overnighted the screw at first and that cracked the ball mount. Still works fine. Ran charger wire along dash lighting trim, then under steering wheel and panel below. Wire pops out at center console where I luckily have a 12v outlet (seem those are discontinued).

John B.
Great value!

Nice design and very functional! I have both the left and right mounts. I purchased the left and printed the right. Many thanks!

Great fit and visibility!

The right-side mount is good, but this left-side mount is GREAT.

Deandre Coke
Absolutely perfect

Coupled it with an amazon mount and it's quite perfect, and holds up way better than any other "vent" type mount I've ever had.

Also the fact that it's not weirdly blocked by the steering wheel makes it 100x better than any option between the two screens in my opinion

Kyle Barker
Decent DIY Solution

It fits and holds so does it’s job but it’s very delicate, even after reading the instructions and notes I was very gentle installing it but the ball still cracked under very light tightening. The clamp for the phone holder still went on and holds it together but I don’t have high hopes for longevity. My other reason for only three stars is that the build quality of the Rivian is very high so aesthetically this 3d printed part without any finishing looks out of place. I don’t know of a better solution so for now this works but I’m hoping something better comes along before it falls apart.

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