Overhead Glasses Holder V2

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Rivian Owner Made

This product is created by a Rivian Owner for Rivian Owners

Community Feedback Incorporated

This product incorporates feedback received by the online Rivian Owners community

Tested in a Rivian Vehicle

This product has been explicitly design for and extensively tested in a Rivian

Design is Open Source

The design of this product has been publicly published for remix and free personal use

Made in the USA

Most or all of this product is Printed or Made in the USA (electronics excluded)
The brand new RIVIPARTS Overhead Glasses Holder V2 for the Rivian R1S and R1T is an unobtrusive, easy to use, quickly installable holder for nearly any set of glasses you may have. It installs easily and hold nearly any set of glasses securely against the headliner.
Installs in under 60 seconds via the following steps:

    • Unclip the rearmost two clips of the overhead button panel. We suggest using a trim tool. The clips are slightly outboard and behind the buttons.
    • Once the panel is slightly dislodged, hook the "J" shaped end of the holder around the front end of the headliner.
    • Position the holder between the two clips and snap the overhead button holder back in.
Please note the sunglasses pictured are not included.

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