Phone Ball Mount PRO

Phone Ball Mount PRO

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Size: 17MM

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Size: 17MM
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The RIVIPARTS Phone Ball Mount PRO is the next generation of the best phone holder mount on the market for the Rivian R1S and R1T. It's designed to tuck in between the gauge cluster and infotainment screen. It's held in place via friction and is easily removable.

The Phone Ball Mount PRO comes in three sizes - 17MM which works with most phone mounts, 20MM which works with the co-branded Offroam x Peak Designs products (link below), and a 1" size designed for RAM branded items only.

The PRO model is different from the V2 model in the following ways:

  • A larger, slightly angled contact area with the rear of the infotainment screen. This results in a more secure fit.
  • The ball mount being moved slightly upward and toward the center of the vehicle for less obstruction from the steering wheel.
  • Enhanced ergonomics of the ball to allow phone holders to get a better, more secure grip.
  • Tweaked design for faster, easier, printing. (despite more material)
  • A reduction in inlayed branding. (no more MK or size labels)

Please note that this mount alone will not hold a phone in your Rivian - it is designed to be an attachment for a 3rd party phone holder. Phone mounts pictured are not included. We suggest defaulting to the 17MM mount unless you know exactly what you want. We've also tested and suggest the following phone holders that are known to work well with this mount:

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Doesn’t work with Ainope holder

While I like the idea and ingenuity the phone using the Ainope holder hits the shifter stock. This clip needs to be redesigned to move the ball higher or a bit tighter to the dash so the phone doesn’t hit the shifter.

Much of the clearance issue identified in this review are due to having the steering wheel adjustment very far back. By adjusting it out further, it clears with no issue.

Additionally, there are other accessories that can be purchased to position the ball higher, such as the following item for less than $3.

David Hansen
This is the prefect solution

I purchased this after seeing a youtube review.

I got the magsafe / charging pad that was recommended and I could not be happier.

This little gem fits perfectly and keeps my phone handy sot use Waze during my drives. (come on Rivian - put this in as an app)

Awesome product!

Shaun Mendenhall
Excellent mount for my iPhone 14 ProMax in combination with Spigen OneTap.

This part works really well. Very nice tight fit and works perfectly in combination with a Spigen 17mm phone mount. Highly recommend it if you want another screen and more apps to utilize from your phone (Like Waze, Siri, etc).

Hicham Assad
Best customer service!!

I love the product and resolved my issue around keeping the phone charged and in front of me. I picked the wrong part ( my fault) and customer service was awesome. They sent me the right part and credited the part I ordered by accident. I will give them more than 5 stars.

Jonathan Freeman
Works great

works as expected. an install video would be helpful but was able to figure it out. the ball wasn't as smooth as i expected (probably due to post printing lack of sanding), but works effectively for phone mount.

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