Ultimate MagSafe Charging Pad

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In July of 2022 RIVIPARTS designed and sold the very first replacement kit for the stock Rivian charging pad. Three large batches were sold through before production ended. I always thought it could be better and this kit is months of work to make that better product. I hope you love it as much as I love designing it -Rob Werksman, Founder of RIVIPARTS

The RIVIPARTS Ultimate MagSafe Charging Pad for the Rivian R1T and R1S is designed to be a complete replacement for the stock charging pad. It's called Ultimate because it does everything better than the stock pad and arguably every other alternative out there.

The kit itself is 3 pieces - a MagSafe pad shelf made of durable black PETG, a front pocket liner made of flexible black TPU rubber, and a blank should you only want to run one single charging pad. It allows two MagSafe pads to 'float' above a MUCH larger storage pocket. (nearly 1/2 liter - 168mm wide x 94 long x 30mm)

It's a direct, drop in replacement for the stock pad. Installation is quick - the stock pad is also just clipped in, so you can remove it with something as benign as a butter knife. This kit, along with some pads, is seated exactly where the stock pad is removed from. There isn't a single bolt that needs to be removed.

The product doesn't include any charging pads by default - so you'll need to purchase them additional. Two charging pads have been qualified - the OEM Apple MagSafe pads (picture above, white), and the JSAUX MagSafe pads (pictured above, black) which are available in multiple colors. There are available for purchase at the following links:

Power to the pads can be provided by the USB-C ports in the center console or via a companion RIVIPARTS Power Kit. It reuses the Rivian plug for the OEM charging pad to provide two high-power USB-A outputs which put out double the power as the USB-C plus in the center console. Its comes with two ways to connect it - solder or screw together. It's available as a bundle item with this at the link below.

There are a few other notes for this product that you should be aware of:

  • This setup works with all dimensions of iPhones - from Mini to Max.
  • This setup works with Android phones assuming that wireless charging is a feature of the phone and a MagSafe compatible case and/or ring is used.
  • There is a good bit of space underneath where the phone sits to curl up the extra cabling from changing pads should you want to plug them into the USB-C ports in the center console.

Customer Reviews

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Lee McCanne
Nice and functional addition to my R1T

I ordered both the MagSafe pad and power kit. Install was relatively simple and the fit was perfect. Thanks to the MagSafe, it is easy to fell when the phone snaps into the right place and it stays in place when cornering. Good product with no modifications to the truck. I could put all the original parts back in place if needed or move to a newer version later on.

Ike B
Great Customer Service

I made several mistakes with my orders and Rob minimized all my costs and allowed me to return a duplicate item without issue. Further, he issued a refund with proof of shipment - exceptional customer service.

Eric Anderson
Fits like a glove

I installed this along with the companion charging adapter so that the two usb-c ports in the center console would be freed up. It works like a charm.

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